Cancellation & Refund

Depending on the reasons for your cancellation we use our own discretion when applying our cancellation policy but we feel it is important to make guests aware of their liabilities in the event of having to cancel a pre-booked stay. We are particularly vulnerable to guests who cancel close to the day of their arrival and so we advise all guests to avail of travel insurance which includes cancellation cover.
When making a booking we require a deposit from you. Should you have to cancel less than 6 weeks in advance of your arrival date we reserve the right to retain the booking deposit. If we have enough time to replace the booking with an alternative, 100% of any revenue earned will be used to offset any cancellation charges.
In practice this means that our guests do not incur cancellation charges, if we - or you - find alternatives to cover the booking. Any bank and/or credit card changes will be taken off the refund.